The gun policy is one of the issues being approached in the 2008 presidential election. Some people are beginning to think that the U.S is becoming an early 20th century Chicago; that guns are being used more than ever. According to Newsweek Magazine, the United States government is allowing people to sell semi automatic rifles out of the trunks of their cars. John McCain believes that the people have the right to bear arms. He believes that instead of getting rid of civilian owned guns, the prosecution for a felony involving a firearm should be much higher. He thinks that gun companies are not liable for crimes involving firearms. He opposes restrictions to assault rifles and opposes bans on certain types of ammunition. Barack Obama is for law suites against gun companies when a crime involving a firearm happens. Obama believes that when buying a firearm there should be an instant background check. He opposes armor piercing ammo and confiscating firearms during an emergency.


By bcerel